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I didn’t know that delivery service could be this easy. It used to take up to 3 days to deliver package from Onitsha to Abuja. I was surprised when my customer called in from Abuja to thank me for delivering so fast, and without disturbances this time. I have been using the App since that time, and I’m glad it has never failed. I am more thankful that I have a friend like Joe who introduced the Peace Mass Transit Logistics App to me and taught me how to make a request and track my parcels. I hope PMTL will continue to serve us in the same spirit.

Ani Daniel


8 months after we launched our beauty parlour, we recorded very low sales due to the small number of customers that visited our location and the Corona Virus pandemic. But 2 months into the pandemic, we opted for online sales. We were getting orders regularly. But the issue of how to get the expensive wigs, weavons and other beauty accessories across to our clients, who were mostly in different locations, quite far away from our Shop in Lagos became a big challenge. At first, we were discouraged as some of the goods we sent out previously had hitches and sometimes ruffled before reaching their intended destinations. But my friend introduced me Peace Mass Transit Logistics App, and I’ve been using it since that time. The App is everything I want.

Emeka Igwe


I opened the App and with her guidance, I was able to request a pick-up, to my amazement, a delivery bike arrived my shop within 30mins. Still unsure of what was going to be the outcome, Benita was the one that helped talked to the Rider on my behalf, and explained the urgency of our request. After due assessment of the bag of wigs, the delivery man rode off.

Bamidele Ayodeji


One fateful morning, Benita walked into the shop and after exchange of pleasantries, we started discussing our various business challenges. That’s when I voiced out our frustration with the delivery people on our list. She didn’t hesitate to download the PMTL App on my phone. Though I was I little bit skeptical, since we have always maintained one-on-one interactions with our existing delivery service men. I was able to request a pick-up. To my amazement, a delivery bike arrived my shop within 30mins. After due assessment of the bag of wigs, the he rode off, and within few hours of taking off, my customer called in that she has received the jewelries. Thanks to PMTL.

Joel C.


My company has been in the business of gas cylinder distribution across Nigeria. One challenge we have always encountered is the supply process. We got into a deal with PMTL and so far, the responses from our customers have been commendations for prompt and safe delivery system. Though we are located in Ibadan, but we have been able to maintain a steady supply to all our retailers in different states.We hope to continue to enjoy this palatable business relationship with PMTL. All thanks to PMTL for such outstanding service delivery.

Devine D.

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