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Peace Mass Transit Logistics (PMTL) is the delivery and logistics department of Peace Mass Transit (PMT). The PMTL initially operated under the auspices of PMT, until it gradually revamped and now operates independently.

We deliver your stocks to the desired destination, which ordinarily, would have been a daunting process. There’s no limit to what our company can handle; ranging from simple envelopes of flowers to your family and friends, letters/notes, edible and raw commodities, containers, production materials and machines, and electrical accessories to heavy-duty equipment.

PMTL has since its creation, served the logistics and delivery needs of over 50 thousand individuals, including corporate establishments and companies within Nigeria.
Considering that customers are always eager to see their products arrive faster, and at a cheaper cost, we have a chain of operation that maintains such a swift process. At PMTL, we are committed to sustainability in the logistics industry. So we strive for outstanding service delivery through responsible and committed efforts. Our poise to create a lasting impression on the minds of our customers is traceable to the exceptional delivery experience all our customers have continued to enjoy.

We run an integrated system, designed to provide dynamic solutions to the ever-changing challenges in the logistics process. Our automated logistics process gives our customers control over their goods and parcels in our custody. This automated process allows a customer to navigate their goods, packages, and parcels to any location of their choice from the comfort of their home and office.
Our physical offices and warehouses are open from Monday to Sunday, from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm. However, our automated parcel service assistants are always available to attend to your requests.
All our processes are automated to give you a comfortable experience. The payment process is easy, just as you could request pick-up or delivery at any time of the day or night.
There are no extra charges once payment has been made during the shipment request. However, surcharges may apply when a customer fails to clear their shipments within the stipulated date. We understand that circumstances can sometimes be out of your control. So there are factors that can influence such demurrage charges. Read our company policy statement for more details.
- On the home page of the PMTL website, you will see a blank field marked (Track).
- Enter your 10-digit parcel tracking code.
- If the code is incorrect, you will get a notification “parcel record not found.” Verify and enter the correct code - It should bring up all information about your shipment/parcel.
- Contact customer care through the virtual assistant chat if you need any assistance.
PMT Logistics

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